Kathleen Riley Photography | Senior Dog Photography Project 3-Jan-16

This project will help celebrate senior dogs and the joy they bring to our lives. Hoping the project will have a picture book or calendar that organically develops from the images.
Makita 10.5 and Denver 13.0Bandit the Labrador 10.5Denver the Labrador 13.0Chinooks - Minnow 7.0, Bailey 13.5 and The Beej 8.0Bailey the Chinook 13.5Bailey the Chinook 13.5Bailey the Chinook 13.5The Beej the Chinook 8.0Minnow and The BeejBailey the Chinook - 13.5Bailey the Chinook 13.5Minnow the Chinook 7.0The Beej - 8.0Minnow the Chinook 7.0The Beej 8.0Pauli the Dalmatian 7.0Makita the Malamute X - 10.5Toby the Dalmatian - 12.0