Kathleen Riley Photography | Dogs - 2013 - ARCHIVED

DOG - Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club - June 2013Dog Show - Oshkosh 2013Indianhead Kennel Club - Eau Claire WI 2013Des Moines Iowa Dog Show Feb 2013LOLKC - Minnesota - Dog Show - January 2013DOGS - Waukesha Wisconsin July 2013Anoka Cambridge Summer Solstice Dog Show 2013Dalmatian National Specialty 2013American Water Spaniel National Specialty 2013Dogs - Amana Iowa Sep 2013Siberian Husky Dog Show 2013Coulee Kennel Club Dog Show - November 2013Minneapolis Kennel Club - November 2013AWS McCrackenJenda Bernese Mountain DogsTande LabradorsGo Spot Go 2013Flame - Standard PoodleDebbie S. Mini Session April 2013Choco Chip Krash Asteroid and Kester - April 2013Janet C. 2013Digger and Linda Hattrem 2013LOLKC 2013 - Bev H.Choco Chip Dalmatians April 2013