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Butterfly Wrangler

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I enjoy it when people underestimate me - especially keyboard warriors. Today someone who has no clue what wrangling is about decided it would be a good choice to bully and belittle me about that job description when it included butterfly wrangler. The video is what the end result of butterfly wrangling looks like - it took hours and hours to get the right timing for keeping butterflies warm enough to fly, fed enough to have energy to fly and repeatedly netting them to do it all over again. The set was surrounded with a mesh netting that worked pretty well to capture them but if I were to do it again, a shorter "ceiling" net would be helpful. While we were awaiting our call, we worked with a butterfly expert to learn proper handling techniques from removing them from their shipping envelopes to warming them up and catching them. For filming, we are only allowed to use Monarch butterflies and they were shipped in from a California butterfly ranch. Once we were done with this particular shoot, these butterflies were released to migrate. 

Wikipedia has a decent description of what a wrangler does - and yes, I wrangler more than butterflies. 

In North America, a wrangler is someone employed to handle animals professionally, especially horses, but sometimes other types of animals as well. The word "wrangler" is derived from the Low German "wrangeln" meaning "to dispute" or "to wrestle." It was first documented in 1377. Its use as a noun was first recorded in 1547. Its reference to a "person in charge of horses or cattle" or "herder" was first recorded in 1888.

Wranglers also handle the horses and other animals during the making of motion pictures. A dude-wrangler is a cowboy or guide that takes non-wranglers and non-cowboys (dudes) on western riding horseback trips.

In the film industry, a wrangler is also one who professionally searches for and/or handles particular products on film and television programs, and music videos, such as custom cars or animals.







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