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5 Free Stock Photo Sites

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FREE Stock Image Sources from Kathleen Riley Photography

In addition to photography, I help businesses with marketing, social media and branding and I like to make use of free resources for designs in addition to my own work. Yes, there are times I don't have everything I need!

First big tip on finding images. When you do an Internet search, those photos that show up aren't necessarily free for you to use. Make sure to check the image license so you know you are okay to use it for your projects. Not sure from the license if you can use it? Contact the photographer. Be sure to check Creative Commons for various licensing options too, knowledge is power.

Flickr so many images! Some of mine are on Flickr too and it's a great place to get seen and have some recognition too. Want to get really specific with your searches, you'll be able to do keywords, colors, shape, minimum size, license, and more. License: Check each image for the license as they vary, some are high resolution.

Pixabay doesn’t provide as many images as Flickr, but it more than makes up for it with quality and restriction-free licensing. Pixabay’s images are released under a CC0 license, which means the creators have ceded all rights to their work. License:  Creative Commons 0 (CC0), high resolution images.

Gratisography Ryan McGuire cracks me up and I hope you'll love his work too! His site offers lots of mainstream images but where I spend my time is loving his sense of humor and it shines through in “whimsical” category. Have you ever thought about how to use a man in a suit wielding a banana as a gun? Okay, maybe I'm weirder than you are, but I want to find lots of ways to use that image! License: CC0 and high resolution. 

Free Food Photos this one is great for those of you wanting to make your own food posts and pins. Images are yours for personal or commercial use as long as you provide attribution and don't resell them as stock photos. License: Creative Commons, read more about their licensing here. Images are high resolution.

Skitterphoto unique photos and some even have tales about how and where the picture was taken. Some you'll likely recognize and some will be fresh and wonderful. License: CC0 and they are high resolution.

Do you have a favorite stock image site that we missed? Be sure to let us know!




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