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Photography gear camera straps

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Photographer Gear Camera Straps | Kathleen Riley Photography



Certainly not the first thing most people probably think about when they are looking at cameras, but there are lots of options available and you'll find something that works for you. In the photo, you'll see a Joby sling and a regular Canon neck strap that came with one of the cameras. I'll share with you the sling style is by far my preferred strap after using them for several years. (In case you're wondering if we always look this glamorous, the answer is yes! Actually this was a COLD and WINDY November day in Minnesota and we were feeling lucky to not have three feet of snow of the ground!)

BIG tip on any straps that are attached to your gear, check that they camera is snugly attached. You'll also want to keep checking your connections throughout the day to be sure your gear is securely attached. (Yes, I speak from experience! Nothing like seeing thousands of dollars of gear falling toward the ground... or in this case the racetrack surface.)

  1. JOBY Camera Straps - I got the one in the image as a test run to see how I liked it and write about it. I still like it and am still writing about it so there's my brief testimonial. JOBY offers a variety of straps for men and women including the sling style in the photo above. They also have hand straps but I haven't tried those yet. This is a wonderful alternative if you don't like the traditional neck strap. We all like the sling style straps and I think that is partially because most of us prefer not having extra pressure on our necks -- yes, old riding injuries... 
  2. Black Rapid Camera Straps - lots of slings and straps available for men and women. (Yes, there is a structural difference between men and women.) There is a double strap that lets you carry multiple cameras. The strap we are currently using is "okay" but there are newer ones that would likely serve us better. I do like the Joey option for carrying things along with us, but not enough to spend the money on it yet.
  3. Spider Camera Holster - Unique camera holster/belt system that gets your camera from your hip to your hands quickly. The belt goes around your waist and your camera rests on your hip. If you're anything like me, you would want to add the hand strap to your gear for a little more to grab on to as you grab your camera.
  4. FotoStrap Camera Straps - I like the look of these canvas and leather straps. This camera strap hangs lower on your body than an average camera strap and has a padded shoulder pad too. Strap also has 5 adjustable holes to adjust a bit more to your body and preferences. Styles for men and women and this group donates some sales proceeds too.

There are lots of options out there for camera straps beyond these four and a quick search of the Internet will show how much variety there is available. The key is finding what is comfortable for you and your style of shooting.






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