Kathleen Riley Photography | 3 Tips for creating better family portraits

3 Tips for creating better family portraits

January 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Sara (one of our talented shooters) and her children Laughter is good medicine. Having your personality shine through is what makes me happy in a photo shoot. I want to work with you to make something that you want to show to people and share with your family and friends. 

Some tips on getting those timeless shots?

  1. Push your forehead toward the camera. Pushing your forehead forward helps your jawline and neck look their best. Does it feel unnatural? Why yes, yes it does, but do it anyway. 
  2. Squint Eastwood. See what I did there? It probably gave you the great visual, unless you are too young to know who Clint Eastwood is... Be like Clint and squint your lower lids a little, you'll look great. 
  3. Laughter is good medicine. I'm great at getting people to interact and chuckle and sometimes we go full guffaw on shoots. The trick is talking and talking and talking some more. The art of conversation is a wonderful tool for getting great portraits. 

Bonus tip: when shooting with children start out by saying "Let's go to the park and have some fun!" It's a great mood setter and reminds everyone that this isn't brain surgery or rocket science. 

Take a look at the Orr family from our morning in Anoka, Minnesota along the Mississippi River, we had a lot of fun and the boys invited me to breakfast when we were down shooting -- now that's a great indicator that the day went well. This family was so fun!


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