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Better wedding photos

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Kiss the bride - beautiful riverside ceremony in WisconsinKiss the bride - beautiful riverside ceremony in Wisconsin

I've got a wedding coming up and I'll be acting as officiant and will be do some of the photos for the day -- the other photos will be taken by my associates so we all want to make sure everything goes great.

Speaking from experience, be sure to add some extra time into the day. As an officiant I can tell you that even the best planned and coordinated event has rarely gone without a hitch. Tack on those extra moments so you have some breathing room in case something doesn't go to plan you'll still have some of your sanity.

If you are doing formal family photos plan for 45-minutes. If you are doing formal family images before the ceremony have people arrive 15-30 minutes before you actually need them there. Sometimes it is a bit like herding cats to get folks in the right place at the right time.

Find an interesting place to get ready and remember less florescent lights are better. Ideally you'll be somewhere with a nice natural light coming through a window with all your clothes and make up off to the edge where it isn't cluttering up the shots of you, your family and friends.

Location, location, location. One good location to get images of the wedding party is best. Figure on 45-miuntes to get a nice selection of the couple and the wedding party.

The first look can happen before the ceremony if the couple is comfortable with that. If not, it will happen at the ceremony. Either way is fine and the couple should dictate the way they would like this to happen. Be sure the photos capture the event and it isn't staged.

Details make everything more interesting. If you want outfits, jewelry, rings and shoes do those before the ceremony, flowers and decorations can all come later in the day.

Want reception images without a whole day booking? Schedule the reception events you want covered right after the meal. Think about the things you want to record, cake cutting, first dances, candids of guests dancing. With two photographers plan on this being about 1-2 hours.

Ask questions and share your ideas so you get the best coverage of your special day as possible. A day that has been planned and scheduled well will allow your photographer to be creative and give you great coverage too.

This is a day to capture emotions. Enjoy your day and go with the flow, people will love seeing both of you enjoying the day.


Most importantly, Have fun!







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