Kathleen Riley Photography | Chinooks Dogs in the First Minnesota Snow

Chinooks Dogs in the First Minnesota Snow

December 19, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Dogs || Chinook Dogs || Playing in the Minnesota snow || Kathleen Riley Photography || Music "Freestyle" by Richard Lacy and Nik Haigh

Watched this on the television tonight and still really like how joyful these dogs are. I'm still loving adding video into my skills and hope you enjoy watching the Chinook dogs as they race around the yard. Since this was recorded we lost our old girl, Bailey. Shed a few tears watching on this tonight. So important to record our loved ones.

Bailey, The Beej and Minnow enjoying the BIG yard and the first snow of winter 2013. Chinooks are sled dogs so snow is always fun for them to play around in it. Bailey (up ears) is 13 and she still gallops around, not as fast, but still enjoyable for her. You may see more about Outlaw Chinooks and you may find my photography at my site Kathleen Riley Photography

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