Kathleen Riley Photography | Ellen and Pat's Wedding along the Wisconsin River

Ellen and Pat's Wedding along the Wisconsin River

November 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

What a beautiful day for a wedding in Wisconsin.

We had a grand adventure traveling into Wisconsin for this event. Rented a cargo van, lined the floor with soft cushioned materials and then took 5 dogs with us. Ask us about the gravel road incident -- tears in our eyes laughing over those GPS directions!

We rented a cottage not too far from the events and it had lots of places to walk the dogs and enjoy the solitude. There are a fair number of pet friendly rentals in Wisconsin. Check TripAdvidor or RentWisconsin to get started.


Pat + Ellen
Date | 2012
Ceremony and Reception | Wisconsin Riverside Resort
Ceremony Officiant | Kathleen Riley (Yes, that's me!)
Musicians | Reilly Rocks Celtic
Wedding Photography and Videography Candid Images | Kathleen Riley Photography


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