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FREE Dog Food from Just Right by Purina and $50 from PrideBites

October 14, 2015  •  2 Comments

You probably know how much I LOVE to take photos of my dogs, your dogs, anyone's dogs, and now it is paying off for anyone visiting my page. Yay! Every time I open a bag of my customized dog food blend from JustRight by Purina I see Minnow and The Beej looking back at me -- it's so cool! October is The Beej's birthday -- hard to believe she is 9 already -- and since she is a generous old gal she's sharing the wealth with her fans with a dog food giveaway and a gift card to order some customized dog gear. The entry information is at the bottom of the post, good luck!

How much do we LOVE our dogs? I'm not sure there are words that are BIG enough! Every day we try and do something special with them and to make their lives better.

One of the days we do something a little extra is National Dog Day which was August 26th this year. After taking a BIG walk at Elm Creek Park we got back to the house and the dogs played in the yard with #FluffyTheVampire Labrador. She is hilarious and loves tearing around with the garden hose - the Chinooks are less enthusiastic about getting wet.

After a great playtime, UPS arrived with a custom painting from Just Right by Purina of #MinnowAndTheBeej. You can compare the photo above and the painting -- it looks just like them! Also in the box was a gift card for PrideBites -- if you hven't been to their site yet, there is lots of cool, personalized dog stuff there. I think I need help picking out what to get! Let me know your favorite item!

This is one of my favorite videos with our Chinooks checking out the first snow -- it's hard to imagine how much fun they have playing and running in it! Hope you enjoy seeing their antics.

Build those relationships, your dogs will love you for it!

1. Spend time walking together. Take walks with your dog, they love seeing new places and smelling new things and when you help them achieve that your bond enhances. 
2. Communicate clearly. Dogs are really smart and benefit from consistent training and communication. My dogs have always been really quick to pick up visual signals and I like to use them as much as I can. Dogs are constantly reading our body language so why not play to their strengths? 
3. Train, don't complain. Take the time to train your dog and keep them tuned up with new skills all through their lives. The better trained your dog is the more freedom they will have. Well-trained dogs are allowed greater freedom. Training should be fun and always end on a positive note with something your dog is good at.
4. Play! Want to have a great relationship? Play! This is important in the human-animal bond as well as with other people. Playtime = bonding time. What's your favorite playtime activity? 
5. Relax. Dogs are like people and prefer an atmosphere that is relaxed, calm, cool, collected. Do your best to keep your wits about you no matter what is happening, your dog will love you for it.
6. Feed a healthy diet like Just Right by Purina. The Chinooks love their personalized blend of dog food and I love how well it works to keep them looking and feeling their best. We also make some healthy treats and meals for them to enjoy too and everything is always made with love.

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With six dogs, the best way I make my dogs feel special is that they are always my first priority. They get their individualized attention and I hope it's enough.
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