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Don't miss the opportunities

August 18, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

I really would like to have a time machine and go back, just a little bit. I miss my girl and wish I would have taken photos of me with her.

Other things I miss and wish I could do again...

  • Another walk, although slower than in the early years, but still able to enjoy the sights and sounds.
  • Another change to brush her thick coat and make her look her best.
  • Another morning with her shuffling into the bedroom and putting her head on the bed willing me awake.
  • Another night playing with her favorite football squeaky toy.
  • Another day watching her checking all the other dog's ears to be sure everything was in working order.

I wish I could find all the photos from dog shows so I could scan them as better resolution and have them to refer back to. I fear all the show photos from dogs and horses were lost during one of the moves.

Take photos with your animals, it's really important.





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