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About Me - Shoot fast, have fun and keep the mojo going!

Thank you so much for stopping past! I'm Kathleen (and yes, that's me in those images) and my entire life has been a dog and pony show -- and I'm good with that! I can't recall even one moment that I didn't love animals. I was horse-crazy, dog-crazy, cat-crazy, cattle-crazy, dolphin-crazy, well you get the idea, I'm crazy for animals of all kinds. 

I've always liked to take photos and it's been really great combining my love of animals, my sales and marketing skills, and my photography skills into one big happy lifestyle. I've been fortunate to work with animals on movie sets, develop marketing and promotional materials for show dogs and horses, capture racehorses exercising in the morning mist and I can even call myself a butterfly wrangler.  

My goal is to capture the bond between animals and humans and showing people with their pets is my favorite way to showcase these relationships. Life is short, let's create images that capture your animal's personality and give you with a lifetime of memories. 



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Why Choose Kathleen for Your Pet's Photography Session?

Kathleen specializes in photographing pets, horses and their people. Creating beautiful images of animals takes some specific skills, patience and a deep understanding of what makes animals tick. Years of experience behind the camera and training animals and their people will help Kathleen get amazing images of your animals. If you're looking for beautiful movement shots, look no further! Kathleen is the go-to for capturing movement at just the right moment. 


Dalmatian 2013 Top 20 Winner GCh/UKC Ch. Paisley Choco Chip Brownie Delite, RN - "Pauli"Dalmatian 2013 Top 20 Winner GCh/UKC Ch. Paisley Choco Chip Brownie Delite, RN - "Pauli"

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